Computer Networking

We can offer you the best solutions according with your needs.

We are specialized in designing, installing and implementing networking solutions for small to medium size businesses (2 to 100 users).

If you have more than one computer in your home we can build a network for you. You will be able to share your internet connection, your printer(s), your files. You can choose to have a wired network or a wireless network.


You will need a router and a network card in each computer that you want to connect to the network.

If you choose to have a wireless network you will need a wireless router (a little more expensive than a regular router).

We can help you configure and integrate your Microsoft Xbox, Sony Playstation or Wii into your home network as well as your TiVo system.

Internet Setup

If you just ordered DSL, U-verse or Cable Internet and you received the package the next step is to setup the service.

If you have any difficulties setting it up we can help you. And if you have more than one computer we can help you to build a network so you can access the internet from all your computers.

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